Vacation & Snowbird Property Inspection

Did you know that vacancies are a major factor in the denial of most insurance claims? Get ahead of the fine-print and protect yourself now.

Whether you have a rental vacancy or your own home will be vacant for any period of time, we offer a complete and competent vacancy inspection and watch service.

  • Pre and post vacation inspections as required.
  • Home inspections prior to leaving on holidays.
  • Electronic reporting.
  • Complete property management responsibility.
  • Safety/security evaluations prior to leaving and during each visit.
  • Key and access control and supervision.
  • Interior and exterior pictures on each visit (as applicable).
  • Inspections to coordinate with owner’s specific needs and insurance restrictions.
  • Coordination of contractors for all on/off emergency requests as approved by you.
  • Supervision of landscaping and other contractors during owner’s absence.
  • Liaise with insurance companies and adjusters as required.
  • The on-site contact for all emergency services, fire, police, etc.
  • Any additional site-specific services agreed upon.
  • Maintain logs of all service requests, inspections, costs, etc. for owner’s reporting.
  • Tender and manage maintenance contracts.
  • Photos of the home interior and exterior to be provided with reports.

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